Pushing DaiZies, Inc. is a collection of local artists and creative individuals who volunteer their time and offer their creative skills to the southwest Florida community. The concept was created in 2007 and we obtained our 501c3 status in 2011. Pushing DaiZies strives to “spread the virus” of fun filled and unique happenings to the local community where the spectator becomes the spectacle. Monies raised go to sending our local kids to art and music camps, as well as creating art experiences by bringing “Hands On” fun to various local events. We work towards keeping the arts alive in our SWFL community.

Our motto “Til Death Do Us ART” says it all.

“We provide art experience in all forms in a non-judgmental environment. We encourage interactive community creativity and promote art education among southwest Florida youth through music and local art programs,”
“Our focus is to give all children the opportunity to explore art.”

Please stay informed by checking back here and Liking our Facebook. We will be announcing many opportunities and new programs throughout the year. Be sure to visit our Interactive Areas at local events and get in on the Art!


janet bio

Janet Demarco is a talented musician and teacher who lives to bring families together through music and creativity. She is the founder and guiding force behind Pushing Daizies.

nicole bio
Nicole Long is an incredible fashion designer and makeup artist and painter who has given her talents to Pushing Daizies since day one.



Jason Fleenor is an artist and Florida Certified early childhood educator who smiles the most when a child shows him their latest creation.

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